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I was told I will be fried
Ok, On June the 16 this I got hurt while on the job, went to the hospital, then the next day went to a ortho sports surgeon. We did a Mri and it showed a tear in my roe-tater cuff, I had surgery on July 11th, did Pt for a while, I felt something wrong in my shoulder, I was in unbelievable pain, I had to fight with the nurse case worker, my work, etc.. Finally I was able to get a 2nd Mri, and it showed a greater then 50% tear again in my shoulder. I had another surgery on Oct 17th of this year. i went to my post app, the dr has me no driving,no use of right arm, with be said the left arm has to stay at waist level only as I am having pain with this shoulder as well. Anyway, I gave the note that dr gave me, to my work, the workers comp adjuster, and my work is saying this is still no reason for me not to return to work, and if I do not, I will be fried, can this happen? I cant get to work cause I am not allowed to drive.

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I was told I will be fried - dbowlin1414 - 11-05-2013, 08:40 AM
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