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Disaproving Work Comp Fraud by Dying
Came across this....interesting.

Very good article, I hope his wife finds some way to make them pay for those accusations. It is a tragedy that it has led to this but hopefully an eye opener to what the cameras don't tell. I know when my ncm caught wind of short trip we took she had looked at me differently and started playing games against me. We are injured, not captured to stay in our homes.
The company i worked for had video taped an employee playing pool and tried to stop his WC. Only trouble is the judge watched to tape and agreed with him that you could tell from the tape he was struggling to walk around the table and was leaning on it all the time just to be able to play. Got a copy of the tape here somehwere and watched myself. They can't expect you to just lay down and die, we have to get out when we can and do what we can to keep life going. Even in pain

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