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Quick question about Lumbar injury, rating, and state disability
(10-27-2013, 07:38 PM)bronco54501 Wrote: I can help out on this, for my lumbar I was awarded 3%. Now there is other factors involved like if your friend cant do the same kind of work and it impacts his future earning capacity. I opted out of my fussion (as I told you in a different thread), if I had the fusion the % would have been higher, and if it failed it would be a bit more higher. I believe a fusion is about 10% per level .

Thank you so much. So far he had to change jobs because his doctor deemed he couldn't do it anymore but he was never declared that by a WC doctor. He goes to see him this week. I'm assuming he's going to have restrictions. He did get another job already and will keep this one, not physical work, but he will found to not be able to do his old job anymore most likely. Does that count, or if you switched jobs because you felt you couldn't do it anymore because your doctor felt that way not count? He does make more money now. Surgery is not going to happen, doctor hasn't recommended it and there is no way he's getting it either way. SO TO RECAP.

Basically his doctor felt he couldn't do it, my friend had to quit because they had no light duty.

Hes not going to be deemed he can't do his current job, but most likely old job which is over anyway. He moved on.

Makes less with new job

Surgery is out of the question.

Just got done rehab, didn't help.

Bulging discs lower back, one in neck.

So with all that you're thinking what? Probably 3-10 percent max correct?


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RE: Quick question about Lumbar injury, rating, and state disability - Frayed - 10-27-2013, 07:53 PM

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