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Quick question about Lumbar injury, rating, and state disability
Also regarding the rating, there might not be a rating system used but there has to be some kind of history. I talked to another lawyer on the side while I had one already and he called my shoulder rating almost perfect. Told me tears usually range, with surgery, from 17-27 percent at most. I got 22 1/2 plus my 7000 for my budging disc in neck. So I did almost exactly ehat he said. So whats the usually range on this lumbar injury? They do use a chart once you get the rating I do know that. Regardless of state, what do you usually see for a rating on a lumbar injury, bulging discs and degeneration with no surgery needed? I know there is no real average, or guide but are lower lumbar injuries usually low ratings? Thats what i heard. Seems like you know alot so could you give me something please. Thanks. And like I said I know its not an exact science and varies alot.

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RE: Quick question about Lumbar injury, rating, and state disability - Frayed - 10-27-2013, 06:36 PM

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