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Post Surgery Question
Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted here. I have a question about post surgery problems. I had laser surgery a little over a year ago on my lower back (L4,L5). Right after surgery I had a sharp pain hat went down my left leg and some time my leg would jump. I told the doctor about this & he said that it should go away.

While the pain did go away several months later but then my left foot & big toe as well as my left shin felt a little numb. When I told to doctor this he said it was due to the moving of nerves during the surgery & that it should also go away.

During the past few months my left foot started to feel more 7 more numb at times. Also I get pain at the bottom of my foot when stand and walking. The pain will start immediately when I first get out of bed, then will start again if I'm on my feet for a long time (20 min or more) or walking long distance. It have gotten to the point that I always have the pain it just get worst if I'm standing or walking for a period of time.

I did have a fall again at work but it did not felt that serious. Just a few bumps a some soreness, but nothing to send me to the ER. I had x-rays & they was negative.

My question is have anyone had these symptoms from laser surgery? Any idea of what it could be?

I must say, I have never had laser surgery but did have pelvis and hip reconstruction with si joint fusion. In fact they wanted to do a l4-l5 and l5 s1 fusion for the same symptoms you are having and even with the same leg/foot as you.. I don't however have the bottom of the foot pain all the time, but with all the mri's/exrays/emg tests every dr said the same thing....nerve damage. I would suggest they take a closer look at your l5-s1 disc for nerve pinching or narrowing. I take gabapentin 600mg 3 times aday, and it does help. I opted out of my fusion because of past surgery and scar tissue.
Thanks bronco54501

Now that you mention it, my laser surgery was at L5, S1 for bulging disc I also had herniated disc at L4,L5. I was thinking it may be nerve damage because the numbness didn't start until after my surgery.

Before surgery I just had really bad pain if I stand longer then 10 min or walk 1/2 a block. My doctor did say that they had to move some nerves around.

They wanted to do a fusion but worker comp got a 2nd opinion & scrum their way out of doing the surgery. I then opt for the laser surgery then the fusion because the risk of the fusion seemed lot more risky then the laser surgery.

Is there anything that they can do for nerve damage? Or is the meds the only thing?

With nerve damage it is hard to say. It could be perm. or it could get better. Depends on what has caused it. You could have some scaring in there now that is hitting a nerve
this sounds like some sort of spinsl stenosis im curently having the sme oains going down both my leds and feet but goes away after sitting a few hour
I wanted to have laser surgery on my lower back,just because the TV ads made it look like it would be less painful. All the laser Drs here none take medicare and since it is my primary IC I cant get it done, but that may have been a blessing. I hate falling and I was hoping that would stop.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I have severe nerve damage in my left shoulder which left me with continuous severe referred pain. Went to see my acupuncture doctor who gave me a 30 minute treatment and the pain went away and has not come back for almost 20 years. Worth a try! Find a good practitioner.
Wow adkred that's amazing. No pain in 20 yrs. I'll have to take that into consideration.

Jayne the only reason that I was able to get the laser surgery was because the WC try to get out of the surgery. They wanted to do a fusion which I think would have been worst. I went thru my private insurance and the Drs was out of network of-course. I believe they all are.


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