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*no names please* is sending me for 2nd IME and want to settle before lumbar hearing
They will try to starve you out, ins companies don't care about us were just numbers to them.... I settled back in aug of last year, and the annuity wording is tricky, there was a lot of wording that awarded the money back to the ins company if I was to die.. I wouldn't agree to it, I figured since I had gone 2 years without any income I could go longer until the wording was correct. I settled with 310,000, with 100,000 up front, 210,000 was put into a annuity in my name with newyork life ins company. It is paid out to me in monthly payments for 20 years with a total pay out to me of 375,000. If I was to die, the remaining funds would be paid to my wife, her choice to keep getting it monthly or lum sum pay out without the collected intrest for the remaining years. I have been denied 3 times by ssa, but we agreed on open medical for life. I am only 44, so after 20 years there is no more income, You never get rich with settlments of wc, its a life time nag that we never can change.

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