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Injured Employee making more money when not working
No 1171, I actually don't. I just see you slamming the republicans every chance you get
I respect you for your knowledge and help, but must you jamb the stick in every chance you get?

[Image: 1sm106poke.gif]
(10-24-2013, 08:24 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: This puts a bad rap on all injured workers and makes it out to sound like we a cheating the system. No wonder doctors and insurance companies think we are faking our injuries. My treating work comp doctor was so convinced I faking my symptoms that he got rough with me while preforming a test to try and prove I was faking my injuries by pushing down on the top of my head and twisting the head side to side. The result of his action was; large cervical herniation, displaced nerve roots, pressure on the spine, requiring the need for surgery, ACDF.

I now have a plate and screws in the neck with the level below and above the fusion showing problems and additional surgery in my future.
And I pay for treatment not work comp.

So yes this article makes me made as it makes out injured workers to be a bunch not to be trusted!

The Solution
Eliminate double dipping where possible. This requires advance planning so company-paid policies are structured to allow offsets. Have all departments review benefits to make sure these perks and policies do not discourage employees from returning to work as soon as they are able.

This should read "The Solution To Harm IW's, The Lousy Scams"

I know one way to greatly cut WC spending and that's to start within the system's working professionals. Cut down on all the seminars and conventions. How many trips to San Diego or Las Vegas, or Florida do our I/C's, TPA's, CA's, Defense, Administration and others need to attend to learn about how to cut prescription drugs, cut costs, stop fraudulent injuries, etc., etc. Use technology for learning. No need for all the added employee paid expenses.

Leave the IW's alone. If they figure out a legal way to increase their meager income, so be it.

One bad example I have to your list. As an active employee, I bought a self-paid disability plan through my employer and paid on that plan for many years. I knew that plan had a WC exclusion. However, when my Claim was denied in writing, I filed for disability and was turned down. The reason still angers me. I was told by AF that when they contacted my CA to confirm the injury was denied, The CA told AF that "yes, it was denied, but not really DENIED". He went on to tell them I was being uncooperative and if I would cooperate my claim "might" be accepted. AF therefore considered me uncooperative and refused to pay. Stuck without WC or AF.

BTW, I was uncooperative because I wasn't able to give a statement. I requested an attorney present, and the CA refused.

Love being judged by those who don't have a clue. Walk in my shoes before you judge me. Hypocrites.

I'm happy. Smile
Let Go, and Let God......
They do spend more money on things they could cut out then they should. In my case this voc rehab has been a joke. Now I understand they have the right to do this but I have been off work for 5 years now so kind of a late start. The company they are using is just milking them for more money. They pay her mileage to drive round trip of around 200 miles once a week to meet with me. All she does is collect my paper work and tell me to meet her again the next week. We could do this with email. The resume they wrote is nothing that would ever get me hired and they keep giving me job leads that are even outside my restriction. Keep everything well documented so I can prove I'm doing my part. In 9 months I've not had one interview, if anything these guys are hurting because as soon as I apply they follow up and check into it so I'm sure this causes questions from any employers. Its big joke but I play their game.
It's all a big waste of money and they know it but they will lump all this in and say how much it is costing them. They would rather spend more money on this then pay the bills they owe. They owe my doc, pharmacy and hospital bills up to and over a year old now

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