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help on trial
First we are in Tennessee and my husband is fixing to turn 55. To make a long story short. He got hurt in 09, then in 2010 after two back surgry he was left with all kinds of restrictions and nerve damage to right legg and drop right foot. We had to fight wc all the way he won at the board of labor commissioner ruled everything is because of work site injury. He got medical for life. Now they don't want to pay a settlement they keep delaying. The week of trial they found out that he got his ssdi and judge ruled him disable the last day he worked. So that stop the trial until they could get a vocational evauation . ssdi vocational was 100 percent. our private voc was100 percent now wc's came back 85 percent total disabled. Now they immediately offered a settlement lower than should be, but he was willing to accept just to end it. This was not on paper they just wanted to see if he would take it. That was months ago and still have not heard nothing. His attorney now said he called and left a message he was getting a new court date. Here is my question what is taking so long and why would his getting ssdi and these voc records stop them dead in there tracks. voc hasn't said nothing we didn't already know. any suggestions or imput would be appreciated . thanks janet
no one but the defendants can explain the reasons behind their delay.
any settlement involving future medical care would likely be reviewed by Medicare and a set aside account approved.
more on set asides here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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