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Applicant attorney
(10-19-2013, 09:10 PM)1171 Wrote: there is no reason on earth why comp benefits need to be so complicated.
comp laws have expanded 100 fold in the last 50 years; from a few pages to a few hundred-in every state......
each time splitting the hair again and again and again with exceptions and clauses and addendums etc. until it just becomes about playing the game instead of being about people's lives.
I blame attys the most for what they've done to the idea of justice in this

Amen 1171.

I never dreamed I'd end up litigating my WC. Injury. Didn't have to be this way. I went 1 yr 8 months before my IC filed the apps of adjudication and it freaked me out. So, basically I feel I was forced into the legal system. But the only good thing about the IC filing is that they were on the hook for my attorney fees once I hired one. That was a plus I wasn't expecting.

Bronco, my AA didn't receive anywhere near what you paid yours. And he worked his rear off, and still is after settlement with open medical. He earned every penny. Of course every injury is different as far as PD but California has a max of 15% for AA fees. He used to be a Claims Examiner and I asked him once why he didn't go into defense instead of applicant practice, and his reply was "because I have a heart". True. Smile
Let Go, and Let God......
Yes I believe that Chris cuz mine worked his fanny off for me. He was worth every dollar.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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