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Bad night
So the way I see it you should be here at my house helping to put up apples.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne stay in bed and let your family take care of you.

Bronco I would say you could stay in bed and let your little guy take care of you but we know how that would go.

I am also having my share of nerve pain. Left hip and down the back of that leg, right backside and down the back of that leg.

With the right side I can feel it go from the neck across the top of the right shoulder and down the arm.

I am trying to go it without pain meds but am using the pain patches, makes for little sleep.
falling is becoming a way of life for me Kathy,I need to take lessons from a stunt guy on how to land.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Holy Cow!!!!

I'm going to have to stop hanging out with ya'll. Every time I turn around one of you is getting hurt!!!

I'm gonna be real careful the rest of the week, because you know I'll be next!!!
Dusty, the way it seems to work with us is....every thing comes in 3's. I have been very cautious since injury, I can almost always tell when a flair up is coming. This episode was beyond my control, I couldn't even catch Dominick before he hit the stairs, but I tried. I'm just glad he turned when he started falling because he stopped about 6 steps down. The stairs are carpeted but the concrete below is what I worry about.

Jayne its been a long time but I can remember my mother and grandma bringing us out to pick apples. Grandma had about 20 apple trees that kept the family busy, . But it was apple everything, cows , chickens, pigs and the big garden. They very seldom ever went to the groc store.

Dominick knows daddy is hurting and he is a trooper and always gets me my cane.. He plays the role as well, he will mock me and hold his back and lay on the floor until one of us rubs his back..lol. He also at times follow me limping and make noises...
I was joking with you, I have been where you are right now chasing down my grandson.
I also tripped over the cat a few times. He has a habit of cutting you off at the last minute.
People don't realize what a small stumble, or wrong twist made in natural instinct can mean.

I'm still going to watch out hanging out with ya'll though.

[Image: 11aeg03jpg_zps8f9e6d03.gif]

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