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you can't be more then totally permanently disabled (100%) from a single injury no matter how many body areas are impaired/rated. that's why the parts are not added.
the rating manual has a multiple disability table to help compile the ratings and remain within the 100% cap.
you can find the rating schedule here

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
As you know, I'm from CA. We have SB899. Thanks to Arnold. After 2 years, we are no longer eligible for TD payments, and must apply for ssdi. As you know, the government is complaining about too many people on ssi/ssdi, and there is NO money.

My question is, WHY does the government allow California employers get off the hook after 2 years, and pass the payments on to the government. Shouldn't these companies be responsible for their employees for the derision of the injury?

2/3 of my aww is FAR more than the measly 839.00 I get from ssdi.

I didn't get hurt working for the government, I got hurt on a offshore drilling rig, and the company is world wide, seems like they should be responsible for the injuries caused while working for them, and with the government looking for ANY way to save on ssi/ssdi, this would be a good time to bring this to the attention of someone who can do something about it. Just a thought.

I got TD for the first 2 years, then it ended, been on ssdi for 7 years. Doesn't seem right.

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