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South Carolina WC or Short/Long term disability
My wife was injured on the job on 4/3/13. Torn meniscus that required surgery. After about 4 wks of back and forth with the employer, she was able to get the surgery and 4 sessions of physical therapy. She began collecting WC about 4 wks post injury and is still receiving a weekly check. Here are the questions....after looking through her insurance benefit packet we've discovered that she has short term disability coverage if out 7 days or long term if out 6 months. Is this something that she can pursue while receiving WC? Also her surgeon has cleared her to return to work, first on light duty then a few wks later at normal duty. Due to a breakdown somewhere in the chain, the employer still hasnt allowed her to return to work even after she painfully tried to do so for light duty. Here's the second concern/question, she's still in a lot of pain, has swelling, and was told by therapy that she needs more sessions...what can be done to get the therapy she needs as well as getting the Dr. to realize she's not able to stand for 10 hrs in a warehouse environment. Is it too late to contact an attorney?
never to late to contact a lawyer, as long as she hasn't signed any settlement papers. If she still need medical care and she is being refused it you should start interviewing lawyers. Going back to full duty too early can undo any surgery she has had done.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

it depends if LTD excludes workers comp.
unless it's a private disability policy it probably excludes workers comp injuries, but she should contact them an ask.

no, it's not too late to contact an atty but dealing with doctors, treatment, and employers is not their strong suit.
generally once she is represented direct communications with the carrier will cease and relationship with employer will deteriorate and become more strained.
most attys are not going to function as a help desk, explain the process, or be available for regular questions.
after her light duty experience she should have discussed the situtation with the doctor and gotten more modifications.

if therapy has been denied, she can pay for it herself, contact her private health carrier, or litigate the issue with the comp court.
litigation can take a long time to get results.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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