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North Carolina question
Hello there, as stated in the thread title, I am located in NC. I have been out of work now for a little over a year and my injury took place after the Workers Comp laws changed here back in 2011. I have been working with Voc rehab people for the entire year. My issue is that I have been told that I can only take a part time job if it will lead to full time in the future. I have not had a single call back or interview and I have applied for hundreds of positions and attended job fairs. Where does it state anywhere that I can't take a part time job even if there is no indication that there is a chance to go to full time in the future? I would think they would want me to have some type of employment over none at all. I have had opportunities to take part time work and I am looking at a future opportunity that is well within my education and experience, but it will only be part time with no chance of full time. From everything I have read, I don't see anything that says I absolutely cannot take a part-time job. I have a lawyer and the only thing my lawyer will tell is the same thing, but he won't explain where that information comes from.

Thanks for your help.

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