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injury symptoms have moved......is that possible?
Over the this last weekend my injury symptoms have seemed to have move up the back. Am I going crazy, can this happen? I know that the doctor told me that a bit had chipped off and was into the spinal canal. I initially had mostly pain from the lower back down into both legs..the hips and the ab. area. Now though, I find that I weird pain has now settled into the middle back area.....feels almost like there must be a lump there..........not from the outside.....its like I can sense it there. I don't know. If I breath in I can feel it there. I catch my breath. As well as this I feel constantly sick to my stomach. I have been getting head aches and pains to the upper back and shoulders and neck. Is this just transference.....or my body going in sympathy with the origional pain. Or is it psychosomatic?
Pain symptoms can change and evolve after an injury. If you have a floating fragment, I would be especially concerned about this change and discuss it immediately with my doctor.

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