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Counterfeit Hardware
(08-29-2013, 04:39 PM)1171 Wrote: i was underwhelmed that kev thought it was news worth posting especially since it would only induce fear and confusion to the most vulnerable and offered little help other then generating more $$ for attys.
Fear? If I found out I had inferior spine hardware implanted in me that could cause further health problems or even death I see that as something I would want to know. Had the TPA followed the law I would have been one of these injured workers who might have had this counterfeit hardware in me now.
This is nothing to take lightly, I know another injured worker who found out they used the counterfeit hardware and it is causing major problems now, if you want to be underwhelmed 1171 so be it.
Yeppers 1171 I am a proud Okie I don't know about cracker don't like saltines but to each is own....thanks 1171 you brought a smile to my face today things are getting back to normal.....Did you like my Rooster he is really Purdy and is a show Roo...see only the best is good enough for my buddy 1171
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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