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>>>Headache from hell>>>>>
I just came off one headache for the books it was so bad Fri night I went an hour away to the big ER that "says" it specializes in headaches. And they will go to hell for lying! Or maybe they don't like their patients telling them where or why they have a headache. I went in told them I had a headache from hell it was caused by the cervical injury and has went migraine and I was unable to kick it. She looked at me like I was stupid and sent me for a brain scan before I even saw a Dr. An hour later they told me my brain scan was okay and a P.A. came in and did a fast exam and asked what did I normally get for my migrains I told her what I normally get wouldn't work because one I now had this fen patch and two I had access to 2 other powerful drugs I had tried to bounce the headache with so I didn't know.....she gave me a shot and sent me home with a RX that halfway home I noticed had someone elses name on it!.....Lucky me I had a Dr visit with my Dr yesterday and he told me never go see a Dr for headaches that has never had one they don't know the hell you go thru.He took me off the patches and played with my drug cocktails and then gave me a shot that burned like fire....I am here to tell you the head ache is gone and I have slept most of the last 40 hrs.....up an hr or so and back down.....I love my Dr
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Glad your headache is gone......Your dr is a keeper.

Jayne I was sharing, I had my cervical headache from HELL Tuesday.

I have never been to ER for my injuries, ever!

Fell down the stairs a few months ago hit the back of the head twisted the ankle and could not walk, but did I go to ER, nope!

Saw the doctor about 4 days later and he wasn't happy I did not pay ER a visit.

I can honestly say I have had to in extreme conditions. Other times I have just laid in bed and asked god to take me. When I went in for my neck I was in extreme pain I had taken as much morphine as I could tolerate. There was a lot of cussing and swearing going on once they gave me a few shots of pain killers It eased up enough to where I could fall asleep. It now comes and goes dr feels it's bone spurs..

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