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RV Shopping
Yeaterday wife and I called our daughter, we went up north meet the daughter went out for breakfast. After eating daughter went to her apt to sleep as she works the ight shift. Took my wife and we went and looked at RV's. There is some nice motor home and fifth wheels out there. Kind of has my Starks up as we have a nice camp ground and marina close to home here. Maybe if we can not go south we can buy a toy and put it out by the lake and enjoy what we have around up.
You guys hane any suggestions on what ind or brand to consider buying or any to stay away from
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I like the fifth wheels best Honey says they pull better

worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
I bought 5th wheel last year and the upgraded to a newer one this year. In terms of buying an rv check for water leaks in the cabinet corners. If the paper or wood is discolored or needs ironing ask the salesman about it. Also be sure you have emergency windows. I would also check the appliances and ask about weight. If u are going to live in it do not volunteer that information. Make sure you actually see all the appliances working as stated they will. Oh and if it has an awning open it up to check for tears.
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we bought used a couple of times then bought new to be honest you can get a nice used rig for half the cost of new and it is barely used most people use their rig less than 30 days in a year,but be careful who you buy it from if you buy a used rig and it leaks it is a pain in the rear.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

we have talked it up about getting a pull kind that has bunk beds in it, as it is now the kids have a big tent they sleep in (but all three grands being over 6 ft tall helps with that decision)but just don't know if I could stand to sell my fifth wheel tho I found one on creigs list down in fl I wanted so bad

worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
There is a lot of nice ones out there. First thing you have to think of is, can you haul it.? They do make a variety of lite weight 5th wheels and campers that just a f-150 or a chev 1500 pickup can handle. Once you step up into the larger the weight of them climb quickly. If I were looking to buy one, it must have a generator, and plenty of storage underneath. Your water supply and holding tanks would have to be big enough to last you if your really roughing it.
now I don't go with the rough it the tent for the kids are as rough as I want to go we don't go far just out to the state parks near here really I got enough of that rough stuff when we lived in that holler in ky so give me my air and a shower house yes I have gotten soft
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Before I got hurt we purchased a used 31ft coachman class c.. We had done a lot of rv-ing before my injury. But this one was a 1996 and was very well taken care of.. It had 25,000 miles and was a older couple who owned it and became ill. It was show room condition and the plastic was never taken off the couch/fold out.. I did pick it up fairly cheap and put about 80,000 miles on it.. I sold it when times started getting hard just after dom was born..
well me and hubbie have gotten too old and health wise just not able to go anymore and grandsons are playing football and granddaughter the band at school and money is in such short suppy we just set here and remember the good old days guess that's why we didn't get that bunkhouse one those days are over
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
I would have to be in dire straights to sell mine.I love it Bill and I "camp" in the yard a lot.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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