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got any new recipes
does anyone remember how everyone (not me I cant cook) used to share their recipes on here ? would love to see some of them
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
I will did some up from the family cookbook.
That's Good Bummer I love reading them
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
I love grilled herbal potato's, a friend of mine shared with me, she also is a girl scout leader and would fix this at girl scout camp.

Grilled Herbal Potatoes

Select enough potato's to feed your group
Wash well, leaving pealing's on and dice potatoes.
Take aluminum, foil and tear individual strips large enough for one serving of potatoes. Place one serving of potatoes in each strip of foil.

In a small pan add butter and chopped green onions. Add seasoning of your choice to pan. I add garlic salt and oregano. Cook till butter is melted then pour over potatoes.

Now seal foil of individual servings and place over a grill. Cook potatoes until they are done.

Potatoes can be cook together in one large strip of foil but it will take longer to cook.

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