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Crippled in Kentucky
No, nothing like that. No MMI, no permanent restrictions, no impairment rating. My doctor only showed me the paperwork that my carrier had sent him requesting the MMI and he told me that they would not pay for me to see him any more and he released me as a patient. He said that he would be willing to refer me for a second opinion.
I received my impairment rating at 2%. This was after no examination and he did not want to hear my complaints. My carrier said that I could get a second opinion but it had to be someone in their network and the chances of him treating me would be slim to none. I know that my ankle is not near reaching its MMI. I may be 60% of what I was before the injury. I just want this process to be over with, I'm tired of fighting them but I know this prognosis isn't right and was paid for by workers comp. My doctor said something about a $3500 cap that insurance would pay and they had reached that and wouldn't pay any more. I only saw him three times. Anyone have any idea what this means?

I would get a second opinion even from a a doc in their network. don't let their comments intimidate you away from what you want.
you can always get your own doc at your expense to give you an opinion. it may help you decide whether to fight it or not.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Remember what they want you to do is get feed up with this a just go away. We sometimes have to fight for our rights to get the treatment we need. This doctor has given into them and looks like he is not going to do much more to help you. If he will send you to somebody else let him do it and this should not count as your one switch. As 1171 you can always pay for a doctor on your own if you feel the other doctors are only doing what WC wants them to do. It can be a hard road and you can feel alone because it is only you and they have a team working to keep you from costing them more money. Medical evidence is the one thing you need on your side to make them provide the care you need
Thanks guys. I've had a lawyer request my medical records from my faulty doctor and will be referred for a second opinion on friday. Thanks so much for the encouragement in your replies. I really needed to hear it. I will keep you posted and thanks again.

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