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Employer refused to file my claim, then fired me
I work for a company in Fort Worth, and I was injured on the job non 6/13/13 and for a month I asked my boss to get me some medical help, my back has become very painful, finally thinking I was never going to get my back fixed I asked 3 more times, and he told me, "don't, you either want your job or not" So i finally tracked down the work comp site in my area and filed a claim, but it has been 45 days since my injury and 45 days of fighting with my boss, on August 2, I finally went to the ER and got taken off work, the next day my boss fired me. I have a lawyer now but my ex-boss is denying I ever got hurt while working and claiming he never fired me and that I quit, even though I do have some proof, what do you think my chances are of actually winning this thing? Kind of worried of not getting my back fixed and losing everything since now I am not employed. Funny thing is, he fired me the exact day I got my work restrictions, I wonder if this will help my case at all and I have a text message from him that same day that says, "so you are no good to me, now" and then he called and fired me 5 minutes later. Any thoughts here?
this happens a lot.
When you got an employer that ignores your injury report, don't wait --make a written report with the carrier right away
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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