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Question regarding Appeal of MMI and Disability
Hello. Coming up on the Tx. Statute of limitations to sue the Insurance Co.on the 28th.
I have had two knee surgerys, then was given an MMI evaluation by a ChiroQuackter , with one surgery still sheduledby the surgeoun, was rated at 2% Disability and benefits stopped .
I have filed for an appeal MMI and the 2% disability (and my surgeon has been asked to provide a rebuttal to desiganted Chiropracters MMI report, but hasn't been forthcoming with such ) through Tx. Dept. Of Workers Comp. with an Ombudsman representing me before the Insurance Company.

Should I get a Lawyer, and if so, why would a Lawyer take this case for so little return.

Also, is possible to find a Lawyer who would help me sue the Insurance company for back pain due to reaggravating a disc that had been removed 25 years ago? Or is it to late being just days from the statute of limitations. know I should have been proactive, but have been depressed cause of all the time of and injuries.'
Thanks very much for your help!
yes you should at least talk to a few attys.
if they turn you down there is nothing lost but a bit of time.
better then finding out later that you had a chance but missed out.
for attys try here:

how do you know how much your claim is worth? if the 2% is very wrong it could be worth more then you think.
if there has been an aggravation of an old injury then the aggravation could be a new injury.
benefits for work injuries have to be filed thru a work comp claim not by civil suit.
you would need supporting medical opinion on that issue if you are to have any chance at prevailing.
what do your doctors say?

your depression could also be covered.
you need to talk to your doctor about a referral for counseling.
if the doctor believes it is related to your comp injury, then you will need to file on it.

in your mental/emotional state you may not in the best position to handle these decisions without professional guidance.
all the more reasons to talk to an atty.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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