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Where do I go from here PTSD
Tennessee.....I was attacked & physically assaulted at work, resulting in PTSD 6/28/10. In the beginning my claim was denied and I took FMLA. I appealed my denial and after much haggling I was allowed to start treatment in November 2011. My first therapist was a whack job and with the help of my psychiatrist I was able to get a new one in June 2012 that my employer approved. Now, my employer is saying I have reached the maximum allotment for receiving TTD, and have, in fact, overpaid me because I should not have received anything after 2 years. I received my last check in April 2013. The reason I am not at MMI is due to the company I worked for denying my claim for over a year. The law firm I retained had my TTD paid to me retroactive from my injury date. I have had little contact with them since retaining them, and my case has been shuffled from attorney to attorney. The lawyer I now have says there is nothing I can do until I reach MMI, and my doctors say I am not there yet. I don't know what to do from here and if I have an appeal available. I have made every appointment scheduled and have been working very hard to get back to normal. I feel like I am being penalized for not getting well fast enough. My employer has also sent my records to another doctor, who has never seen me, and this doctor disagrees with everything my other doctors say about my case. The doctors I am seeing were from the list given me by my employer, so I don't know why they are complaining now. As you can tell, I am clueless to how the worker's comp operates and don't even know what I should be asking my attorney to do to help me. Any advice would be appreciated. If I can add any clarifying information I will. Thanks for your time and attention.
if you don't trust the advice of your atty, your should talk to some others and see if you want to switch.
the 2 year time limit is law and can't be changed by the court.
you can learn more about the comp system in tennessee here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I would like to reply to the getting better to slow portion of the post. I saw this as an advantage especially in the long run. You really do want that mmi so you can move on AND it gives you a higher rating if you are not absolutely as good as it gets when all the WC docs write their reports for the judge or for your settlement.
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.
Also you are going to have alot of doctors tell you alot of things, but what you should try to keep focused on is your meds and how those are changing. I would be real careful about that physicaly and w/ wc. Dont let all this trip you up, and become discouraged. If you find yourself happy with a doctor let your lawyers know. They should at least have a paralegal available. I think I heard it said that you are still recieving benifits, that's all you can really hope for from the wc system.
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.

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