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Poll: your opinion with no liability please
Amount is good, settle.
Amount is low, hire the lawyer.
Get the second Dr. opinion they wont lower amount.
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Florida menescus surgery settlement opinion help. Future medical?
Never ever settle unless you have open medical with your settlement.

If you settle with a cash settlement your knee will never have medical with a health insurance company with the knee because you received a cash settlement on that knee.

How do you think you will pay medical bills with the little bit of settlement you are receiving?

Not for sure of the type of job you were doing but likely it was physical work and you do not have a healthy knee.

From the symptoms you have given it is likely you will have physical therapy and surgery in your future. One hour of physical therapy is $400.00, the last knee surgery and rehab I had was $100,000.00 in cost.

First, you need an attorney who will work for you, second, you need to be seen by a different doctor, one your attorney sends you to and find out what is really is wrong with your knee.

Third, get the medical treatment you need right now and worry about a settlement later, but when you do settle only settle with open medical.

My story.......
I was injured 2005, it took 5 months before I received medical treatment which was a surgery of the meniscus. I received 4 weeks of physical therapy, my case was closed with no medical, no restrictions and no rating.

Although I could hardly walk without the knee giving out which was about 12 steps then I needed to sit down.

The attorney sent me for an independent evaluation and filed for a court date, I went to court and my case was reopened.

To date I have had 4 surgeries of the bilateral knees and need one or two more. It was a long battle with 15 doctors involved. Although I will not go into to details. What I write is from experience. Message me if you have any questions.

Bummer Knees.

(07-12-2013, 01:28 AM)Stinkeye22 Wrote:
(07-11-2013, 11:41 PM)1171 Wrote: you would be covered even if not officially on the clock if they had insurance.
sounds like the employer was without coverage at first and needed a "new" injury after he got insurance.
unemployment is available to those with permanent impairment.

P.S. if they were without insurance hopefully the carrier doesn't find out you were really injured before they had coverage and you are not entitled to anything and are participating in a fraud along with the employer.
now I can understand the real reason why you don't want an atty.

Way to look at it from that perspective, I did my part legally. In every statement I have ever written I have mentioned that it was originally injured before, & to every Dr I have seen. Ignorance of the law is no excuse but I did what I was required to do, I reported it within my 30 day limit forcing my employer to either send me or I was going to turn him in. If the insurance company failed to read MY statement then I did nothing wrong. Even the original ER doc told them his opinion that this technically wasn't a workmen's comp case which made it take longer still for eventual surgery. The insurance company had my first MRI aged. If their is fraud here it's not on my part. I did everything I knew to do to not lie & I didn't ever. I went to work under the assumption I was working legitimately & I worked hard until I had an accident & now my knee is screwed up for life. If the best advice you have is to tell me I'm a fraudster then please spare me the judgement & have a good day. Thanks. Edit -- Didn't mean to so prickly but I agonized before I forced my employer to send me to a real Dr. He made sure that I knew/believed that he would lose a big contract with 300 potential jobs if this got reported, it was not an easy decision.


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