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WC questions in NC
Hello everyone! New here. I was injured at work in March of this year. I slipped on water and basically did a split and hurt my back. I just went to the dr again this week and was told by the dr that there was nothing else he could do for me I needed to go see my neurosurgeon. I would not get any better, in his opinion, without fusion surgery.

Up until this last visit I have been on light duty restrictions. My employer is now saying that I have been released from my dr as well as workman's comp and now have no restrictions on my activity.

The kicker to all this is that I already have degenerative disc disease, but I could function with no issues until my injury. After the injury I am in excrutiating pain when I sit or walk or stand for any length of time.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!
Neither the employer or worker gets to decide on the work restrictions; it's up to the doctor.
I'm sure when you see the neuro they will put the employer straight and lay out what you can and can't do.
If the doctor did not release you to return to work and the employer has no more lite work, the carrier owes you full disability.
Sounds like a communication problem and the doctor and carrier will work it out.
If you have the surgery, the employers position looks ridiculous.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
You may be at the point of needing a lawyer. The fact that you have degenerative disc disease doesn't have anything to do with the WC injury. Yes it maybe a problem with your pain but really doesn't mean anything since you didn't have a problem before. With it you would have some problems with your back but that may not have been for a long time. One of the best things I can tell you at this point is to take good care of your back. You can do things to cause you life long pain and you are the only one that can make sure you don't hurt it more. If you are still having pain tell them and tell them you need to see a doctor. Sad to say but once you are injured and they see it is not an easy fix you become just a number to them and all they want now is to get out of paying any more money to make you better. They will try to get you to do things just to say you are not hurting. Talk with a few lawyers and see what they think.
Back with another question.... The WC insurance is now sending me for another IME. They sent me to one 2 years ago and are sending me to the same women for another IME. My attorney sent me for one in March thinking my hearing was coming up. It is Sept and I still don't have a date but my condition has worsened since my own IME as well as the IME from the dr that insurance sent me to 2 years ago. Will that dr still remember me and should I ask to go to my own again since my condition has worsened or will it really matter since my case is coming to a close soon and my lawyer is asking for open medical.
I have no information on the status of the doctor's memory. whether they "remember" you or not they should review their prior notes and report as well as past and current medical history and records.
it would be premature to return to your IME without having a clearer understanding of what the issues might be since you don't yet know what this IME's opinion will be.
if you are getting worse, how do you know your claim is closing soon?
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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