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Summer Program is going strong.
I volunteer with a non-profit, local. The non-profit targets families with special needs children thru it's many programs.

One of the programs is the Summer Learning Fun Summer Program.

Educators and Speech Therapist work one-on-one or in small groups with students.

This past week was the first week for the summer program, this year we have added a middle school social group for students with Autism. My son Cody is in the middle school group. Students work on pre-vocational and social skills. This past week the teacher focused on the purple circle which is the student's own personal space, along with hygiene. The teacher told the boys, "If you want a girl to sit beside you then you have to take a bath or shower"
Hygiene is a bigger issue at this age than I realized!

With the elementary age tutoring group of students the numbers have increased. Last week we added over 20 students to the tutoring program which is a good thing. I just visited with the teacher and she said she has increased the amount of time we serve many of the students because the students need the extra time in an educations setting and also because the students are safer in our program than they are at home.

The program is now serving almost 100 special needs students.
Thank you bummer for caring so much for these programs. I do miss being involved in such things, it's harder when your kids grow up.

There is so much need and it's ever growing, people just don't realize.

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