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Alaska chik needs your experience/opinions
1171 advised I start a new thread with this post so here it is. I live in Alaska, got injured walking for hours on tundra and then during an hour long boat trip with white caps the whole trip and me seated at the front of the boat with my tailbone being continuously slammed into the metal deck/step I was sitting on.

Hi Guys,
I haven't been around for a while. I've been off trying to get a diagnosis and get well. I had a steroid injection in S1 and it made the pain way worse. Went back to my pain specialist and told her this does not feel like previous back issues. I told her I thought it was my SI jpint. She ordered an MRI nothing showed up. She did a steroid injection using fluoroscope and it was like heaven. No pain for about ten days. Then it returned. More talking to my primary who is an osteopath. He said we should try a chiropractor; Pain free after first adjustment. Lasted about three days and then I could feel it slipping out and pain returned. Got adjusted again and went immediately to be fitted for an SI belt. Two weeks wearing it around the clock. Little to no pain. Took a shower today, washed my hair and by the time I got dressed I was on my knees in pain.It slipped all the way at once and my pain is intense, I am headed to the chiropractor first thing tomorrow morning. I refuse to give up or give in. I was scheduled for knee surgery for last Tues. Dr's. office called and said wc said they would not pay. I had been to an IME and no big surprise he said all of my injuries were due to an aggravation to preexisting conditions related to my age and any trauma would have already healed in two to three months and I was able to return to work. Of course I have no job to return to as they terminated my employment after ninety days of not working.I told the wc lady that this time around there were no tears and I knew it wasn't personal. Just send me the paperwork so I could forward it to an attorney. I have no previous injury or issues involving my knees or SI joint. Never seen a Dr., had pictures taken or been prescribed medication for either knee or my SI joint. I have one large tear in my left meniscus and two tears in my right meniscus. With all the experiences on this site what do you give my chances of getting wc to continue to have to pay to get me well. I don't care about a settlement. I just want to be fixed

The orthopedic specialist, my primary Dr./Osteopath, Pain specialist, Chiropractor and Physical therapists team I have worked with since Sept. all believe my injuries are consistent with the events I described from the beginning and they do not believe were preexisting in nature. I didn't think it mattered if they were preexisting if they were re-injured. I believe 1171 has made that point before. I saw wc's Dr. one time. My other Drs./physical therapists have documented everything carefully and have seen me numerous times since Sept. of 2012.
I hope you have a hungry lawyer and they eat them for lunch...How are your Boys?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Don't really know you in the regular since but I love you to death Jayne. I knew you would be one of my first responses. The boys are still with the witch but are supposed to be moving to a group home soon. They are allowed to see me now with "supervision". It offended the crap out of me to have to have their new care giver present but we all figured it was better than nothing. The boys are now fully aware that they have rights and report everything to their social worker. The sad news is the witch now has three new foster kids. I have informed the state that if anything ever happens to ANY child under her care that I will personally help the family come after them with a vengeance. They have been told, warned or whatever about how she treats the kids and now they have no excuse. I am hoping by your response that you think I have a fair chance with WC having to pay to get me well. I also want to apologize for not keeping up with this site. I think the truth is when people get better they don't need the site as much and fade away. I am so thankful that long timers like you continue to help the new victims. As we know, they need it. I am also so sorry that pain runs your life. It has run mine at many different times in my life but thankfully God has seen fit to heal me and allowed me to get on with living. I have however spent enough of my life on my ass in too much pain to do much of anything to have enormous compassion for those who never get well. I hired an attorney this morning.. How hungry he is I don't really know but where I live we don't have many to choose from and he is one of the better ones. He handled my WC claim in 2006 and did fairly well for me considering I didn't really even have much of an injury at that time. Just a re-aggravation of my L4-5 surgery site. I'll let you guys know how things progress.
you will do well keep spending time with those boys and with the man upstairs and things will work out the way they are supposed to.Your Boys will turn 18 soon enough and then you will have them home with you they know who Mom is and thats the most important thing a child needs to know who is mom and that she loves em
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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