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Newibe with foot injury
This happened in NY
I work 60+ hours a week, in a small family run pub, in a small, hot crowded kitchen. On the average I run to the basement 20+ times a day, often returning as much as I can carry to avoid extra trips. I must have made over 2000 trips up and down those steps in 2 years. My feet would sometimes be a little sore at the end of a 5-6 day workweek but I would recover quickly. About 2 months ago the pain free peace was broken by burning pain and numbness in my right foot. I tried orthotics, different shoes, soaking in epsom salts to no avail. Staying off it for a few days helped the best. Like everyone in the kitchen trades I played through the pain for a week before mentioning it to the head chef in passing. I could usually make it to the 4th or 5th day before the pain would return. Steadily over a period of weeks the pain would come sooner and last through, although diminishing on my days off . My employer gave me 3 days off instead of 2 adding to my financial stress. Then the swelling began in my foot and spread to my calf, so off to the local hospital and the whole calf was tender and hoot, no infections or clots so far. I was given xrays and an ultrasound to look for blockages. I spent and unfortunately large portion of my working adult life working in kitchens. This was the first one without anti fatigue mats which would have helped avoid this, ( i have asked for them repeatedly to no avail) even the head chef who works more hours than me sometimes has had constant foot problems as well often switching to a pair of flip flops for comfort during the long shifts.
I went to work this morning after the hospital to drop off my doctors note, and I had to work four hours against medical advice. I'm home and off my feet now and off for the forseeable future. I have a follow up monday with the doctor to see what will happen. I did find out the day before I went to the hospital that my employer was planning to fire me before I could go out on WC.
I'm curious about what to expect, Also I know I will not be able to pay my rent or buy food pretty much right off the bat as i was living check to check with no savings, so what are my options, SNAP, charities? What do I tell my landlord?
There is no modified duty at my job, the kitchen is too small for a stool or a chair and I can't be running to find a place to sit everytime there is a brief lull. I want to get every bit of leverage to make my case strong even if that means a lawyer.
blaming the employer, the gods, fate or anyone else is not going to work.
workers comp is "no fault".
both the employer and employee share the burden and costs of an injury.
benefits are limited by law:
you can get detailed information here
if you are off work for more then 3 days disability begins.
it takes approximate 2 weeks from when it it reported. for the first check to be issued.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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