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Punks Avatar
punk Wrote:LMAO Tuffy!!!  Good one!!  I'm sure there will be more that try to open it!!  LOL  Good thing the bubbles were behaving in that pic, huh?  LOL  If not, we could get the boot from admin for posting porn, right?  Rolleyes  We here on the forum don't have enough money to pay you to post that pic...because I get half of whatever you would collect...and believe me, it would take a LOT of $$$ for me to do that!!!!!  You didn't honestly think you could get away with taking money from our dear friends just so you would post a pic of a VERY polluted PUNK....wearing nothing but bubbles, did you??  Thought not!!  You have to share any $$  collected for such purpose...my dear friend!!  Tongue

PS:  Glad you like the avatar though!!  Wink

Too Funny Punk! It wouldn't open for me...I left my computer for a moment, my son was walking by, he said, "Mom I thought you were on the work comp forum, now you guys are talking sex, porn pics? I was a subscription to the board LOL!"
Babebahn..."Tongues don't have erasers"
Injured 1999 3 level anterior cervical fusion 2001
Settled Work Comp Case 2006 w/ Lifetime Medical Currently, C7-T1 is being watched will possibly need surgery front/back fusion from C3-T2, lower back needs another facet injection.

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