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IC's ability to over reach
IC's ability to over reach is just astounding to me !!!


I after getting a lawyer have been cut off ttd payments after finally finding a doctor to handle my case a ptp, they said the reason they stopped payments is because they did not receive a report on 4/17/13 stating my work status, when I didn't see the doctor until 4/22/13, and the doctor stated that he was not approved by them to be my ptp, but it was only a consult visit, and of coarse I do not have any recourse, and the attorney says the can stop my payments for any reason they want, and I will probably not get the payments started again, what the hell is that, no one declared me mmi for my spine, or stated I can go back to work, as in the intellectual words of walter, what the hell, and I called workers' comp office to file a complaint and they said I could not because I have a attorney, and he has to do all the paper work, and I know he is really busy, because his office did not forward the letter from the IC that I was being cut off, and I was planning a trip to N.C. to visit my grand children there on monday for 10 days, now I had to cancel that because I dont know if or when I will get the TTD payments started again, and I got a doctors note stating I cannot fly, so hopefully I can get my money back for the tickets, will see, anyway, I wish I could go back to work, I hate relying on someone else for my lively hood,,,, realy sucks how they have you over a barrel
while they can stop for any reason they are open to significant penalties if they have no supporting medical evidence.
you can file a complaint with the audit unit
your atty can request an expedited hearing when treatment or TTD stops
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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