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Diagnosed with CRPS
I must say we all have our injuries, but for those of you diagnosed with crps, My heart goes out to you. My father has rsd in his dominant arm and at first he babied that arm but after he realized what was happening he forced him self to use it.
Bronco then you are familiar with RSD.

The primary has mentioned the left leg with the RSD but it is the right arm thatq worries me. That arm has had lots of trauma.

A fall in 1996 left 20 breaks below the elbow, that part of the arm the was put back together like a jigsaw puzzle, surgeon's
words. The radius head (elbow) was shattered and was removed.

2009 I had moderate carpal tunnel and surgery.

The surgeon now tells me I need a joint replacement of the right elbow and multiple joint replacements of the right hand.

Course the nerve pain is non stop with this arm, swelling and other symptoms.
"I am shooting you my # and email via a pm, share it with dusty boy if he wants it."
Sithie, I would like that.
I have another friend who's father is in a nursing home because of RSD/ CRPS. I have been sharing with him some of the links, and news covering the disease, and he is sharing with his fathers care givers.
He told me that there is improvment with him, so I'm thrilled to be able to help

Kathy, you need to go to walmart, and in the men's sock section, get yourself some socks for diabetics.
Cut the toes out of them, and wear them on your arm.
They are a compression with no seams, and really help.
I also find that putting the lidoderm patches on help, but pulling them off really hurts.
For that, I soak the area in warm water for a bit, and you can pull the patch off without much drama.
Plus, the warm water makes it feel better

Thanks Sithie I will do that.

I do use the Lideoderm patches on the neck and the knee. My script Says only two a day so I alternate knee, neck and hand. You are correct they do help.
Sometimes I wait to remove them till when I get in the shower.
I cut mine into 1/4's. That way you can cover multiple areas. I'm to wear it 12 hrs on/ 12 hrs off.
I just had knee surgery 12-30-13 y CRPS in my foot had been in remission but after the surgery its back hard core and now spreading up my leg. Don't know if I will be able to return to work with this pain but will have to if ic isn't going to pay me.
I found us a new web site. Hopefully it will help inform us and our caregivers.
Midget my work comp injury started as a knee injury. It was 3 months before I saw a doctor, another 3 months before medical treatment a band-aid knee surgery.

A couple of months after the knee surgery I was told I needed a total knee replacement but it was 3 years before the judge approved the surgery.
By the time I had the knee replacement the altered gait lead to problems with the other knee and the lumbar spine.

The knee surgery (TKR) was 2008, I have symptoms of RSD. Once we get thru my husband's current medical I will see a doctor for diagnosis.

Welcome to the forum.
Bumping this thread to the top for a new member Faith240, so she /he can start looking into RSD/CRPS

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