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An IME stated my husband's injury was not work related but age related. He has 3 surgeons all stating it was due to repetitive motion. We have an attorney and the only communication we have received from him since the denial is that the next step is depositions and it will take some time. We would like to know how long something like this takes to settle. Is there a specific time frame in which wc claims need to be settled and if so, how long? The surgeons stated my husband cannot go back to what he was doing before and once he is medically 100%, we are sure his employer is going to give him the boot.
Most settlements don't happen until after treatment has been maximized and for every patient that is different.
there is no fixed time for the parties to agree.
either party at any time can ask the court to decide the disputes.
court dates depend on the judges work load. the outcome depends on the quality of the evidence.
The time to gather evidence is different in every case.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
welcome to our world.... To get a court date could take as little as a few months to a year depending on your states back log on court cases.What is your state by the way and his injury that would help us help you and his age please
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

OH lordy, educate your self on the wc system, you may be in for a long haul. I have been in since 2007, some here are about 12 years and some fly right through.. But if they are playing there cards the way they are it may be a while..
My husband was also injured. It's a stressful process. He was given the boot 2 days after he reached MMI. He is no longer able to work and is on SSDI. The last 2 yrs have been spent gathering evidence to support his claim. Once all the specialist are seen, on both sides, then they depose the drs/specialist (surgeons, vocal rehab/work history, pain mgmt and psych...my husband has suffered depression and anxiety since his injury). His claim has gone smooth compared to most on here. They have never denied his claim or treatment of his injuries and we are going on 3 yrs.

It they are already denying his claim you need to prepare yourself for a long fight.
My case started in 2005 and I'm still fighting it. When I was waiting for the depo's to be done so we could get a hearing I remember the feeling when they got delayed for one reason or another. It sucked but it all worked out in the end so it was worth it. My lawyer was sick the day one was set for and then their doctor couldn't do it again for like 3 months so it is a game they like to play. Remember they play this game because it's money to them and they hope that people will get tired of it and give in. Their is no cost to them for the extra pain and suffering they put us through and they could care less what we lose and may never get back. Hang in there and learn what you can about the system so you can put up the fight you need to get what is yours.
I have been in it since 2009, scheduled for a depo next month, they disagreed with their doctor on his determination of my injuries and what is findings on how to continue, and final outcome of my working from here on, I think I waited too long to get a attorney, I should have had one from the begining, but I have a good one now, I have been living with ddd for years but was able to work with the pain with general over the counter drugs, after the injury I tried to work out the pain and get through, I tried to because I did it before, but this time it got me, and I couldn't get past it, old age did contribute, but the injury made it worse, the working broke my body down, but the injury did it in,,,,

Hope he recovers

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