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Sleeping too much
Well Monday afternoon I did something stupid and trying raising the seat on the toilet and turned or twisted just right. Almost hit the floor. My wife could hear me in the other end of the house. Well after about 30 mins to get to my chair we iced it down and I took my evening meds only an hour early but no relief. So after I decided it was not going to get better I let her take me to the ER. Almost let the ambulance come get me I didn't want to move that much. They were SLOW. I was in the room for 2 hours before they even came in to get me registered. After 4 hours I told my wife lets just go home. I didn't see how I could hurt more to go home then try and lay there any longer. Well she told them we were leaving I don't think that is what they wanted to here and I had a nurse come right in and ask what was wrong. My wife you have not done anything for him so they went a got me an ice pack. Told me then there was 2 people ahead of me. About 2 hours later I say the doctor who was surprised she was told what was going on. She got me a couple of shots and sent us home. My real trouble is I can do nothing but sleep now. I was awake maybe4 hours total yesterday and so far about that today but I'm ready to fall back to sleep so not sure what is going on. Pain leave is about normal if I'm not moving but goes way up when I try to get up. Sorry I've not been reading much here but heading back to sleep.
Manley it sound as it your body is telling you it needs the sleep

Course the meds/shots could also play a part in this.
Manley it sound as it your body is telling you it needs the sleep

Course the meds/shots could also play a part in this.
The shots might have been some yesterday but I don't know about today.
Manley always let the ambulance take you if its bad those patients get seen first...hope you are feeling better
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Chest pains, breathing problems will usually get you hauled right in.. Unless you show signs of distress, I have noticed they don't care. When I went in for my neck I sat in the waiting room for 1 hour before they at least checked my vitals and asked me what's wrong. The normal is to send you back to waiting room before they place you in a er room.. Since my bp was sky rocketing I was took straight back.

Depending on what drug they gave you some can have effects that with your normal meds, it lingers in your system.. I hope you get feeling better.
when I went in for chest pains back in Dec the triage me and my bp was 230/110 and I still had to wait before they got me in a room. Worse part is I had to cancel my appt with my nero doc because it was the next day. Called and they said don't try to make it in and they would get me right in when I was feeling like I could come in so that was good.
Trying to make myself stay awake some this morning but losing the battle I think
I go through fighting sleep a lot in the mornings, when i know dominick is going to be up early i try not taking my nighttime morphine. Most morning's I am up by 4:30/5:00 am and have my morning coffee and watch the news waiting for dom to get up......And then all hell breaks loose until mom gets home from work...lol.
If I was still taking morphine I'd hate to think how much I might be sleeping right now. The month I was on it I slept a lot more that month and not at night. It didn't last as long for pain relief so I didn't sleep as well at night. My trouble also is I have trouble breathing with the pain meds and I'm on a CPAP to help. Still thinking I need to get a regular sleep doctor and see if one could help me sleep better.
Got out of the house for the first time since I twisted wrong on Monday and this was a mistake. Had a voc rehab appointment and could hardly sit still for the meeting. Now my leg is really driving me nuts. Turned my SCS up before the meeting because my leg was bugging me and it has only got worse all day. I know I'm not getting any younger but this last twist may have put my injury over the edge. Need to get my appointment set back up with my nero doc and see what he can see from it

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