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workers comp question
Hi i am new here..i have a question..
I got injured in 2003 neck. .right shoulder..arm..i took a slu for my arm never anything on my neck..i tried to go back to work in 2007..my neck got worse going on a ladder at my job..they turned in paperwork to their insurance company saying i got hurt..my dr pulled me out of work did an mri and i have herniated discs from c2 through c7.the dr put in the paperwork to my comp from 2003..bfirst the judge agreed and carrier was taking credit for the slu so i didnt receive any money.then 2 months later i went for ime and their dr said no its not from my 2003 injury.my dr tbat i have seen since 2003 says yes..and the judge agreed with ime dr and said no that i had a generic neck injury in 2003.it is in appeals now..my lawyer told me to fike paperwork for my new job. Now. .my question is do i put on the c3 form that i had a neck injury in 2003 or no.the last decision from the judge says my neck is not included on 2003 claim..but its in appeals..please help me
you would not file the old claim with your new employer.
the new employer would be responsible for a new claim and a new injury.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
So that means on the c3 form..i have to say that i didnt have a similiar injury to the same area?

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