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20/20 show
Why do shows like 20/20 always do a story about people cheating the system on an injury but will never do a story about those of us that have had our lives changed forever and have to fight to get what little we do get? Now I do understand you want to tell people to not try and screw your employers out of money. Scares me to ever thing somebody would ever really get hurt bad enough to change their life just for money as well. We don't want the work comp system to look like a great way to make a killing and retire like a king. Just show the truth about how we can't do many of the things we use to do in our life and how we are suffer in pain day in and day out. If people really knew how we are treated I think things would change. We only want to be treated like real people and not treated like the scum of the earth
Before you were injured did you prefer watching crime shows or did you search the channels for programs about sick/injured complaining about how they were treated?
They do crime shows because there are more viewers.
Your question was slightly rhetorical wasn't it?

I think healthy working people do not want to be reminded how close to losing it all they might be...
What would you do different if you knew?
What would any of us do?
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I hear you, it just makes all injured workers look like fakes. Seems like they should at least tell viewers that there are truly injured workers and that the ones they are showing are only a part of what it going on. As for TV I watch more reruns of the old shows and very little new stuff. Hate all the so called reality TV. I think they are training us to be stupid if so many don't understand they still script what is going on. There are show I watch on some networks and almost turn them off just because I see an ad for things like honey dumbass. I just don't understand how bad somebodies life is to think that kind of crap is entertainment.
Do understand they are only putting on the air what makes money or at least what somebody is paying them to show. So are we really watching this stuff or is somebody paying big money to air it in hopes of making us stupid?
there are a few reality shows I watch and some I will never watch, there is one I thought I would never like, duck commander, but I watched it one time and was hooked, I know alot of it is fake, but the personalities of them guys are what is real, like the old man calling his wife miss kay, when I was back there all the old red necks called the older women miss, and the old brother of the guy who started making the duck calls is as weird as it can get, true to fact, it is just all around funny, call me stupid I like the simple old boy ideals, and another one is yukon men,,,, you have to be a tuff guy to live off the land your whole life up there, I was in minn. one year for about a week and it was only 4 degrees out side and it was cold, can not imagine -50 or -60 and having to go out, you have to have some knadds to survive in those conditions,, just sayin
and your right them not telling everyone that there are some real people out there who have lost everything because of the way they are dealt with by the system
I don't think there is enough complaining to the right people.. People need to start writing to the talk show hosts, like ellen etc.. They seem to always help needy people.. But the word needs to get out, even if it don't do no good. What about these tv shows where they go around and build houses for people, like from disaster or unsafe homes.. What about us, who has given there life to there job and have been tossed away like trash all because we were injured

I do think some of the reality tv shows shouldn't even be on for our kids sake. But with the big list of them there bound to strike a audience with every one.. As far as yukon men, I have watched a few episodes and it is real life up there.. I used to skip by wicked tuna until I watched it the other night, looks like alot of fun.. One show the wife and I watch on sunday nights is welcome to myrtle manor, dumb as hell but from being from a vacation hole we always went to we find it interesting..
With the lay offs my old employer is doing I decided it might be a time the local news might do a story about how they are treating injured employees. Going to send an email to one of the reporters I've talked to in the past and see if they would be interested. They have been looking for employee to talk to so maybe they would like this side as well

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