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physical therapy
I finally got approval for my neck therapy which doctor wanted to do prior to surgery.
I have had three sessions
I go in and for 15 minutes they put a tns unit on my neck along with heat.
Then I turn bike handles 2 minutes one way and then 2 minutes the other way.
Then traction -my head is placed in a metal brace and they velcro my head down and for about 15 minutes weight is distributed to stretch your neck and release slowly.
like I said i have done this 3 times my problem is that I had therapy yeterday and this morning I woke up and could hardly move my neck,
pressure down into my shoulders and between my shoulders
Even typing hurts now, is this what it should be like.
No pain - no gain.
I have therapy tomrrow and I am not looking forward to it.
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain"
Make sure to let them know what's going on, and how it's making you feel.
I told the PT today that one of the excersizes they had me do last week made me hurt for 2 days after, and we switched muscle groups starting today.
I'm in for a sholder injury, had surgery in July.
The PT should cause discomfort and a little pain is normal. If it lasts a day or more, let them know so that they can modify the routine a little so t's more comfortable for you.
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tell them what is going on that is for sure.
The first time i had therapy for my neck i could not move for a few days either. I think that you should mention it to whoever does the therapy, but when i had that trouble my therapist said he would of been worried if i did not feel some kind of pain from the exercise as it may be a good thing they are working them muscles.

Of course you do not want to OVERDO it and have more troubles. Just let the therapist know and see what they say.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

Hi queen... since I have suffered a cervical and shoulder injury I have been told by numerous PT's that PT on one alsways affects the other part. My neck PT made my shoulder worse but helped my neck. i then had shoulder surgery and am still 5 months later having PT on my shoulder that is tearing my neck up. Make sure the PT is aware of what you're experiencing. Once can affect the other BUT as I said in my case I have injuries to both parts. Be sure you don't.

I to have a shoulder injury and waiting for surgery on it, therapy is terrible - i figured it is because nothing was done for 9 months and i am really out of shape from very little movement of my arms, neck. I have therapy in a couple hours and will tell them.
I am really dreading it , I know I can't let them do anything with my neck today except put ice and heat on it. I couldn't bear it if they even touched it.
thank you
at first I felt like i was just being a baby about it and I should suck it up- but this feels horrible.
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain"
Queen...Do you have a dx on your shoulder? I'm sorry, I'm sure you told us the dx on shoulder and cervical spine. Please refresh my memory as I have seen first hand that PT on one definitely aggravates the other. Also will be waiting to see how you make out today with PT>

Physical therapy should not be overly painful. The no pain no gain theory does not necessarily apply in physical therapy. There are different types of pain. Some soreness of muscles that have not been used in awhile would be expected and normal. If the pain is actually aggrevating the orignal injury then the therapist needs to be made aware of it and they can adjust your program. Discuss any pain you are feeling with them so that they can determine the best course of treatment.
Sorry to hear about your pain. Having a neck injury myself I went through and am going through it just like you. I was hurt back in '05 and PT being the first course of action, I was given mechanical traction just like you. Turns out it only made my injury worse (everyone is different however) In March of '07 I had a double fusion with instrumentation of my C5-7. Just now I stopped my post op PT due to it making my neck and shoulder pain unbearable. I personally find if no one touches me I'm better off.
Listen to your body and
Be Well Smile
Take Care and Be Well
Hi Queenbee,
I have been fortunate and have not hurt my neck as you have just the 2 shoulder injuries the laberal tendon and the rotator cuff witch was repaired 6 wks ago but I always let my therapist know when something makes me hurt after pt even if it seems small then I let her tell me IF it should be expected to be sore and if not she will tell me and then do it a different way or something else to give the sore area a break.So by all means tell them if something hurts and the best you can where so they can note it and make any changes,I hope this is helpful and I hope the pain backs off quickly and you get more benefit sooner!

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