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Proud of my sister!
This thread is about my little sister, Millie.

She is one who has been thru many struggles in her life only to become a stronger person.

She married to a rodeo star at the age of 18 years. His injuries from bull riding ended his career as a bull rider and she became the main bread winner working in the aircraft industry while raising 4 children.

Her husband was raised in an orphanage and became abusive towards her in their years of marriage.

My was injured at work about 10 years ago. Her work related injuries were, shoulders, arms, hands, and knees and after her surgeries she started applying for jobs in the aircraft industry only to find she had been black listed and could not find a job.

She did find a job washing windows for a company out of Wichita and worked for them for a year. After that she started her own window washing company and later started a cleaning business cleaning for area companies.

Her husband always worked off and on when he could find a job and he felt like working......enough said of that.

2 1/2 years ago her 10 yr old grandson died after having a seizure during surgery.

Two weeks later her husband went hunting and never came home. He died while hunting. My sister and her youngest son found him.
He had been sitting in a deer tree stand, fell asleep with the restraints cutting off his air supply.

My sister was forced to file bankruptcy after his death, having no life insurance and huge farm debts. The bank attempted to take her home but she fought back and was able to keep it.

She built her cleaning business this past year and has two people now working for her. She has built up her professional reputation and her business services are in demand.

Last year she met a neighbor, an older guy by almost 20 years. He treats her like a princess, spoiling her. They have a wonderful relationship.

Last night they were married in a catholic marriage ceremony.

I am proud of my little sister of what she has accomplished in life.
She sounds like a fighter, good for her...
good for her

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