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Settle 2 days B4 court
So They gave me a fair settlement offer that I am willing to take aside from court and voc rehab and future med(as surgery is not in my furture) I was told by my paralegals AID it could take at least a week to draw up paper work. My hearing is in 2/3 days. Is there a way to secure my settlement in such a short period of time, via promisary check, judge signature? I decided late thurs and my attys were out til monday. I have mentioned the securing before to the same AID. I feel the ic waited to make their final offer so close to court date on purose. Can't be wrong about that. How can I protect my court date, and my settlement? I will talk to someone first thing in morn. but any knowledge could ease my mind. Thanks you know who
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.
if there is a settlement it will be before the trial starts.
just make sure the only way they get out this trial date is with a settlement submitted to the judge- not promises.
don't loose the trial date until the paperwork is submitted-not just your signature.
if it's the day of trial have them submitt the paperwork before they leave.

This was the advice given the other day. This is what I have to talk to my para legal about, not just her AID. When I only had the AID on the phone I mentioned this and she said I'm sure the atty will handle it. But she said the opposite on Friday.
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.

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