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Guys who think they are tough
Don't know what it is with guys who think they are so tough.

My husband travels two states doing service calls for our business.
Getting out in snowy/icey weather is no big deal to him.

We were in an auto accident in 2007 when he thought it would be safe to travel home to Kansas on roads that were solid icy. Another vehicle lost contral and hit our vehicle and course I am the only one who was injured.

A friend of our family was out in colorado on vacation and were on there way home on snowy/icey roads yesterday. They drove a dodge caravan, dad driving, mom in the passanger seat up front, and the kids in the back seats.

Well the dad, Joe was following a semi and the semi was following a car. Joe was following the semi going to fast and to close when the car in front of the semi came to a complete stop. I don't know if the semi hit the care in front of it but Joe hit the semi, lets just say that caravan is two foot shorter. Joe received a black eye, rest of the family is okay and their van is totaled.

And many roads are closed in western kansas making additional challenges for the family to return home.

Lets just say this is not a way to end a vacation
Spring is here. It was in the 50's yesterday and we are getting a large amount of falling white spring now. We ran up to our little store in town here a few hours ago. I cleaned the truck off and we were in the store maybe 20 mins. Got back out and there was over a half inch on the hood. Not going to get out of the house for a day or 2 for sure.

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