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Slip and fall causing a burn
Ok here is my story I was working walked in to dishroom/ back kitchen and I was carring a sheet pan of burnted bacon with the grease fresh out of an oven. The dishwasher was mopping and did not tell me the floor was wet or even have a wet floor sign out as i walked in to the room i slipped and fell causing a deep second to 3rd degree burn on my forarm (dominate hand). The lead chef took me straight to a work comp doc and I was treated there. I had to go every day for a week and have them scrap skin from my arm the grease obserobed in my arm to make me burn from the inside out. I have been off work since it happen on September 27, 2012. Also when I fell i hurt my back. I also got carpal tunnel in my right hand from all the swelling and had to have surgey for it. Now I am going to work conditioning therapy and am on my last week of it. I go back to the hand doc next week and dont know what to expect im afraid he will send me back to work and i still ahve no strencht in my hand to hold a knife to chop, whip, ect ect. What should I do. As for the back doc he wants to see me after my work release from the hand doc. He did an MRI and said he didnt see anything. But im still having back pain.... I have a lawyer but all they ask from me is updates so what do i do

Scared in Kc
it depends on if you have work restrictions and if you do, whether the employer has modified work available.
if you have temporary restrictions and there is no modified work temporary disability continues.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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