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Old man winter
We were spoiled the past few days, temps 35+ and was just a start of melting.. We got hit with 8 in of wet heavy snow over night, yesterday it rained then turned to snow about 9 pm.. The tail end of the storm is supposed to pass through early afternoon, so who knows hom much more we will get.. Last year we were spoiled and had a early spring, its not happening this year.. Looks like a mid April before we see the grass..
We had 62 here on yesterday and it's 34 today. Best way in the world for everybody to get sick that is for sure. Snow is all but gone and it's going to snow tonight.
I so look forward to 60's, I am so sick of the winters up here.. I think everyone I know here is either sick or has been sick through this winter, I have had a cold since mid jan.. I just cant shake it no matter what I do, it gets better, then a few days later bam its hitting hard..

We have a push shovel we use on our deck, its a small plastic angled just right to push with no effort, you cant lift it up becasue the snow will just fall off.. But this snow is so wet you cant even push it.. Our neighbor keeps us plowed out but we forgot to move the van last night so we are left with a 50 foot by 15 foot path that needs to be shoveled.. I cant do it, my son was racing this last weekend and endovered his race sled and screwed his shoulder up again.. I think we will just have to pack it down...
rained all day yesterday today its beautiful and many of our trees are starting to bloom its way to early for that
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I cant wait to see the spring bloom, the summer of my accident we planted a row of a variety of lilac trees.. Last year was the first year they flowered and cant wait to see what they do this year.. We lost a few trees due to a snowmobiler went off the trail and cut through our yard and ran them over.. Looking out the patio brings depresion, we havnt had this much snow in years and there is more comming thurs and fri..
38 right now in Kansas. Weather reports say temps will be 70 this week.
38 right now in Kansas. Weather reports say temps will be 70 this week.
(03-12-2013, 10:27 AM)Bummer Knees Wrote: 38 right now in Kansas. Weather reports say temps will be 70 this week.

Bummer, you be sure to blow that warmth up this way..
it has been in the 70's here, just sayin
Well we were hit again, at the house here we got 8 inches over night.. Flurries are still hanging around but were not supposed to see temps out of the 20's for highs for the rest of th e week..And the first day of spring is wed....thats a joke.. In our area there is 3 to 4 feet of snow on the ground, as you drive north you can see the depth rise.. We have had no warm enough temps to do much melting, last year we hit record highs in the 70's at this time.....All snow was gone at the end of that spell, I can for see the end of april this year..

Jayne has been very quiet lately, I'm thinking she's tanning to get ready for the big pool party....lol.

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