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Work Rehab Counselor
What is a work rehab counselor?
I have been told I have to meet with one, and expect it to take several visits. My attorney did not explain, just said "You have to go".
This is a person whom you hired or the ins company hired. This persons main focus is to get you back into the workforce at some level.. If they are hired by the ins company, they seem to be a bit tricky with thier tactics..
This one is by IC, I was "terminated" from my job for "missing time".
I'm sure this has been ask to death, but , what should I expect?

My Job I took right out of high school, and has been my only job ever for 36 years. I know absolutely nothing else. I have been told I will never be able to return to that line of work.

Doing it right now. Started around 4 weeks ago. Meet with them about once a week and then I have to look for a job. I'm suppose to apply for 10 jobs a week and they send me 8-10 job leads a week I'm suppose to do. It all sucks but it's the game you have to play. I've been off for over 5 years now and on SSDI. Nobody is going to hire me but they can make you try. Lucky I have a good lawyer and he is building a good case because he is sure this is just them screwing with us. I take good notes about my meetings and keep him up to date about what is going on. They have said twice about a job they think would be good but they have told her they will not spend any money doing any retraining because it would take too long and one more time about needing some training but they have said they will not do it. They have told me I need to lye and hide my disability until I get a job and my lawyer has told me not to do it. Has pissed them off my lawyer made me extra copies of my restrictions and told me to take them to any job interviews so they will know what they have to deal with if the hire me. I'm not going to trick a company into hiring me and then fighting it out with the ADA laws to force them to keep me.

I've never worked a job in my life where I sat on my butt all day and just answered a phone but they say I have a bunch of transferable skills. Trouble is they have yet to show me one. My last year and a half I did work I think I only was able to put in a 40 hour week 3 or 4 times. I'd have to go home early or come in late because of pain and all we did there was try to show up and stay awake. The longer they drag out settling with me is just more money they are going to pay me
Thanks for your replies.

I guess this will be another "memorable experiance" again.
I'll keep you posted what's going on.

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