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Problem with Employer
Saw my doctor today. He says there is 2 herniated discs and something else that he can't figure out what it is so he's going to ask a radiologist to look at the MRI. He also pulled me from work once again. Return date is April 1st. He wants to try Lumbar Traction for 2 weeks, 3 days a week to see if that will help out. Tried getting in touch with my lawyer to have him put the paperwork through for these weeks of missed work.

I also received my copy of the IME report. This doctor says to hold off on P.T and to try the shots in my back. If that doesn't work, then we talk surgery. Only problem is that the shots they want me to have.... I've had in my knee 3 times and none of them touched the pain or swelling. He also stated sagittal view shows L4 disc herniation with bulging L3 and L5 discs, no listhesis. Cross-sectional views show right paracentral disc herniation with foraminal encroachment, with a left L4-5 facet effusion, L3 spurring, minimal L4 spurring, left scoliosis noted on AP view.
Only thing he didn't put in the report is if he agreed with me being 50% disabled or not... My doctor is ready to put me at 100%.
I would try the ESI for the lumbar, they may work and they may not work. You will not know unless you try them. Even tho you have tried them for your knee before. I have tried them for my Lumbar injury and also for my cervical injury, they did not work at all on my cervical injury and the lumbar injury I did get 4 hours relief after the ESI. Man was that a wonderful 4 hour feeling I had that day. That was how they worked for me. But I did try both parts of the body. I had a total of 3 seperate injections.
Cervical Fusion 2003, c5-c6. Herniated and damaged Disc L1- L4-L5 S1. Lumbar Spinal Cord stimulator implant 09-2008. Cervical ACDF revision with hardware c4-c5-c6-c7 Sept 2009.
I have had a total of 18 esi's, and can tell you some did no good at all.. But some gave 2 weeks and some gave a day of relief.. With these results a dr can decide if it would bennifit you to recieve more.. Usually 3 is the norm spaced a bit appart for maximum relief.. If you even see 40 to 50% relief they might procede to do a ( RFA ) this is where they burn the nerves and they could give you months of relief until they grow back.. The injections is also a tool for a surgeon to pin point the pain generator, which could lead to a positive fix...
Right now, I'm waiting for either the doctor's office or P.T to call with my appointments. P.T says dr. office needs to clear this with Ins. Co. first and dr. office says they can just make the appointment and to just send in the forms... I've already been to this place when I had to do P.T for 4 weeks in Nov. and Dec.
Thanks for all the info everyone.. Was gonna start another thread, I'll keep it all in one....

1. Dr. wants me to do a Lumbar Traction 2 weeks, 3 days a week to see if it helps. Script written on 3/11

2. Call P.T about this and was told since my last one expired in January, the dr. needs to put in a Variance to get Authorization from the Ins. Carrier.
Called Dr's office about this and was told they would get right on it.. all calls done on 3/11

3. Called P.T to see if they got anything yet... They haven't even heard a word from the dr's office at all and now it's a week later... 3/18

4. Called Dr's office to see what the heck is going on and was told they haven't had time to put in the paperwork... I told the lady it's been a week and I'm
suppose to be going back to work on 4/1 and wanted to make sure this thing was gonna work or put me in more pain BEFORE I'm released back to
work and before I see the dr again on 3/25. She tells me if they "have time", someone will get my file and hopefully start the paperwork.

This all should of been started last week. P.T has their hands tied until they get the Authorization from the Ins. Carrier. They don't want to schedule me all this and then find out it's not agreed on and I get the bill... I do know if I don't hear anything by the 25th, my lawyer is gonna get another call....

Tuesday Evening.... just talked to someone at work to see if the updated Return To Work paper was faxed to my boss with the restrictions put on there.... Nope... no nothing has been faxed over and my boss has been waiting for it. If one isn't put in, then when I do return on April 1st., I go back with no restrictions. Will be calling my lawyer about this cause nothing is being done by the doctor's secertary at all...

Well... thanks to my doctor who by the way can't keep anything straight with restrictions, my manager just called me and said if I can't get Full Job Duty with only a 25 pound lifting restriction, the store's INS. Co. will not allow me back to work at all.
Newest update... will be going in for another Nerve Block next week.

My boss says he wants to talk to me.... ok, he says "I thought when you gave me that paper with no restrictions on it, that is matter is closed and you are 100%".. I told him my back will never be the same and it will get worse, but as long as I can get the Nerve Blocks and work, I'm fine and until the doctor informs me that I can't work, then I'll continue to work.... He tries telling me that I'm off Comp.. I tell him no... I have Life Medical on my back until the Ins. Co or whoever wants to settle.... Any doctor appt., any meds, any time I miss work cause of my back, it's covered under Workers Comp. He had me on the schedule for the day of the Nerve Block.. I told him I wouldn't be here cause I will be in the procedure room with a needle in my back.... Now he says I have to fax my own paperwork to the Ins. Co. cause he's not gonna do it... Guess I have to talk to the lawyer once again...

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