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Can WC force 2 knee surgeries at once?
I need surgery on both knees. Can WC force me to have them both done at once or can I have them done one at a time?
(02-01-2013, 03:28 AM)Debradough Wrote: I need surgery on both knees. Can WC force me to have them both done at once or can I have them done one at a time?

Workmans comp can not force you to have any surgrey. The choice is up to you. I would not want to have both knees cut on at the same time if it was me. Talk to your surgreon about it.
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Thanks for the reminder that they cannot force anything on me. Sometimes it just feels like they are "all powerful".
CF is correct, work comp can not force you to have the surgeries but the insurance company can close your claim if you go against doctor's recommendations.

Some surgeon's prefer to do both knees at once, but that depends on what type of surgery is being done.

I've had a total of 3 knee surgeries since being on work comp and will need one more, the last surgery was a total knee replacement.
Not only that, you have to think of your healing process.. You have said your all alone up there and if they were to do both knees, could you manage...?
At rehab I've talked to some individuals who have had both knees done at once. Not only are they not able to drive but they require a caregiver in the home.
I keep forgetting who's in charge because they (IC) always sound like they are in charge. I am on my 4th or 5th adjuster now. I think it could be because in the very beginning when an adjuster would tell me something that I knew was incorrect or in some cases a downright lie they kept bumping me up to someone with more experience. The one I have now has been at it for over 25yrs. (shudder at the thought of doing that job for 25 years). The points about living alone, driving and all of that was my reluctance at having them both done at once. I have one friend who said her's was so painful that if she had needed two and only done one she would have never gone back for the second. I know that pain has motivated me to do things I never thought I would be brave enough to do. I think at times we just become desperate. I was a pot smoker for a large part of my life but haven't for about 25 yrs. now. Before they put me on the pain patch it was a daily battle to not go buy a bag of pot. I don't think it is that awful in and of it's self but for me (also a retired cigarette smoker for about 40 years ) it would have been like signing up for smoking something for the rest of my life. I loved to smoke.....but so thankful I don't anymore. Anyway's thanks for all the input. I think I can get my surgeon to help me out with the one at a time deal. Talk (and read) to you folks later.
Deb what type of knee surgery will you be having done.

With a knee replacement they try and get you up walking within 24 hours after surgery with use of a walker.

Physical therapist tell me rehab for a total knee replacement is the most painful rehab a person will experience. Standard is for the patient to take a Loratab 10 or other similar pain meds one hour before starting each physical therapy session.

I had a friend who transported me to each physical therapy session. Some patients use public transportation others use cab service.
we have a sister here in our church who had both knees done at once after 3 days on the surgery ward she was transfered to the longterm ward and will be there 4-6 weeks with PT twice a day she is in alot of pain but she said if she had one done she wouldnt have went back for the seconded it was really painfull.....complete knees for her but Joy is 67 if that means anything.
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