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IME 2 months after Surgery
It's great you want to get back to work and I pray that you can. Just be careful they don't force you into hurting yourself any more. You maybe able to recover okay from this and be okay but if they force you to push it who knows. Trust me all they worry about is the cost and sometimes they forget if they just trust the doctor and let him control your recovery it might just cost them less in the end. Good luck
Ill keep that in mind....thank you so much :-)
Keep in mind it can go against them. I had the IME doctor state I am worse off than my Doctor says,ON 2 SEPERATE VISITS!
My first IME was 100% paid for to say I was in perfect health and did not need the SCS my doctor wanted me to have. Now the second IME was interesting. I would assume paid for so I would be again in perfect health. There were 2 doctors that saw me that day. Second one said he though there was something he saw that could help. They have not shared that report with me yet and we have asked for it. I'm thinking what he saw was something that was costly and not in their best interest to have done for me.
Back to the first the doctor I really don't know what he earn his degree in but I don't think it was medicine. Sad because if I remember right they paid him over $3000.00 to look at me for about a half and hour and write a report. Not sure how much he charged for the depo
Well I just received a notice that my IME has been moved up a week, so theyre in a hurry to get this done. Im totally uncomfortable with this now.
My last surgery was September 2012. By the last week of November 2012, I went for an IME. The report stated that I was rushing things, and not giving my surgery time to heal, which Is not true. However, it worked out in my favor, The Nurse case manager eased off me again.

The IC is just looking for a 2nd opinion.

Thanks Dusty!!

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