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Am I crazy????
(02-01-2013, 02:49 AM)Cervical_Fusion Wrote:
(01-31-2013, 12:35 AM)bodybuilder1958 Wrote: Failure to disclose previous WC injuries that resulted in payouts or settlements.

I have never seen this question on an application before or any closely worded to what you have posted. That question asked as you posted it seems to me to be a little personal and all most ilegal to ask that way. I have worked all my life with applications, interviewing people and I have watched laws and styles of applications and do's and don't of interviewing change over the years but that one still seems a little to personal to ask.
But I do rebember before the ADA laws came along I have seen applications where personal info was asked. Like have you ever injured your back, Have you ever filed a workmans comp claim. Hell I remember apps where we asked if your wear married and if yes what is your spouses name, We use to get very persoanl on a app. and did absolutely nothing with the most of the info.
I would check with the EEOC and ADA laws and see if that is legal to ask someone on an app.

Privacy laws seem to be breached IMO. No one has a right to ask about your past unless YOU lead into it. For instance they see a 5 year gap in your previous jobs. Now they can ask about the 5 "idle" years.


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