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Winter is back for us..
It's still cold here. we were hitting 35 to 40 below again.. Today has warmed up a bit but still only +10, mid week back in the upper 20's of course warm for us brings moisture so it will snow again..
Holy crap Bronco! 35 to 40 BELOW zero. We don't even hit those temps where I live. Thirty below is about the lowest on the Kenai peninsula where I live. I don't think people understand how much those temps can take out of a person. It seems like everything you do takes twice as long and is just a struggle. Sounds crazy but 10+ feels warm after those horrible below temps. We had our coldest right around Christmas and now it's been in the twenties and even around 32+ most days since except for just a couple of nights where it dropped but then came back up in the daytime. Is it cold wet where you live? I swear that 10+ or 15+ feels warmer here than 32+ It's like the warmer temp makes it feel damper and I get colder. I will say a prayer for your weather. I heat with fuel oil that has been running $3.89 a gal. Those below zero temps cost me a fortune burning through my heater being set on high around the clock. I am beginning to formulate a fantasy that involves a bunch of us on this site finding a large parcel of land somewhere warm and dry and setting it up for RV's, travel trailers and mobile homes. Sort of a commune deal where we could come and go, swap war (WC) stories and cry on each other's shoulders when we were miserable. Kind of like now only over a cup of coffee. Me, I love to cook and I would hope for some musicians in the group. I love live music. Stay warm as you can :-)
Thats weird, it might be because the winds durring the winter seem to come down from Saskatchewan and Manitoba and east through us.. Not far from here if you cross the lake, (superior) Ontario is right there.. When the winds and temps are just right it brings lake effect snow and lots of it.. I am thankfull were just on the southern edge of that.. Your pretty close but just south of Anchorage where my uncle lived..

I would love to meet alot of our forum family, we propbably would have a blast..
Bronco like you I am on the southern end of the lake evvect snows coming off lake Erie. It has been snowing here today, temp and winds below 0 again. Tomorrow more of today and more snow accumulation I am like everyone here I hate winter and can't wait to get out of here.
Bronco I am still looking at real estate on the beach, as soon as I find something we like .. well someone come along and makes an offer and it is gone.. I hope when we do settle their willl be property still for sale at that time LOL
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The wife and I are still searching to, since we are just primarly looking for land there seems to be alot out there.. We have noticed the parcels closer to the beach are moving faster and with spring comming the prices have been slowly climbing.. Until we settle I cant jump at anything and I wont buy just by seeing it on the net or off a listing.. It will have to be seen first.. I will still keep looking, thats all I can do for now and until then I will continue to complain about our winters.....lol... I hate it period..

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