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Waiting on rating, What now
So I was marked mmi w. weight restrictions from surgeon. Did perm % w. my lawyers doc, % w/ wc doc. Lawyer says asking for voca rehab. All this was about a month ago. K, I don't like bothering my paralegal, never talked to my lawyer. Wondering what to expect next. Speculations are very much welcome.
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.
I can just give you our experience so far. Were in different states as well, so I'm sure there are different steps. We only saw our dr for a whole body rating. The IC has sent him to their psych dr as well as vocational expert to dispute ours. I am just guessing their psych dr agreed with his treating dr as well as the one our attorney sent him to because he has never mentioned anything being disputed. The vocational expert of the IC did apparently think he could be a parking attendant and was not disabled. Depositions were taken so the dr's and "experts" could answer the others questions under oath. The last one will be done within the next week and then we schedule for hearing then trial. Were your ratings similar? In my husbands case, the attorney is going for Permanent Total Disability. I have no experience with offers or any of the back and forth. We haven't even gotten to that point yet.
Thank you ammo! Your response helped me to realize that I should study this forum, a little more, from that, I can see the different directions each individual claim went from the point that I am at. I'm trusting that my lawfirm, who has so far been a blessing, will contact me when there is an update. I think since my lawfirm said they were asking for voc rehab, that they either haven't heard from the BIG IC., or maybe they denied this, but even if they were appealing such a request (if denied) I would expect my lawfirm to let me in on the goings on. But that's my personal dilemma for now. I'm waiting on a request for voc rehab, and I'm waiting on my impairment or ppd rating. There's nothing more I can do except file for ssd.
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.

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