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1171, this is funny.
Well said Jayne! Its all about gathering the proof. This takes time. We have gone over 2 years without the ic's money. It has not been easy but I also think it will show my husband isn't going to jump on some insulting offer either. I would never let him nor would the attorney!
(01-25-2013, 11:46 AM)jayne Wrote: you must relize you are not his only cliant and if you were he isnt very good! However call and ask the ground rules cuz you need to know.Ask if you call or e mail in how long till you get a reply.With my lawyer it was within 24 hrs even if he told me he didnt know the answer he got back to me not normally him but his staff.I had the best Lawyer in Okla and I went a year without a check sometimes it happens the lawyer gives up the money to get something else.I remember mine came out to me after a hearing and said you need to go to this Dr and get this test I went to the Judge and told the Judge that they are playing with your health and you are willing to give up your TTD to prove it.He didnt ask my permission but I always knew he had my best at heart.The judge okayed the tests but at her Drs I went from a 3,000 dollars settlement to one over...... well it paid off my farm and everything I owed after we proved my injury and that the IC was dragging their feet and had made my injury worse by dragging their feet.It took awhile but we did it....you have to trust your lawyer,part of that is knowing the ground rules.

I hear ya Jayne. Im not really sure what to do though? I feel like im damned if I do and damned if I don't.. more input please...lol...
I dont really know where you are at.I worked for the Sal Army.My local bosses were a board of 5 people of who the head was a family law lawyer I worked for them for ten years...he handled the adoption of my last 3 children.When I got hurt he came to me and said Jayne they are going to screw you I have been told you are not allowed back into the buildings you are not allowed to speak to any of the employees of the SA or Board. And he said call this man he is the best in the state.And he handed me a piece of paper with my lawyers name and number on it.Now its not to say I wasnt scared cuz I was but I was also pissed off I gave these people 60 to 80 hrs every week of my time for 29 hrs of pay,my family also volunteered hrs and hrs every week to keep to keep my store open and they hung me out to dry....I would to this day give my dollars to the Salvation Army over the Red Cross any day but they sure hung me out to dry.....but in the end I won.
You have to trust your lawyer deep down if you dont then you have problems....I know its kinda like trusting a rabid dog but if you dont then you will never have a minutes peace with your case.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Wow Jayne, im really sorry to hear that they did you this way when you were so loyal to them. I am so dang glad that you prevailed in the end. About trusting my lawyer, I DO. I guess I just get and have been, very impatient. He said he would push for mediation on the 10th or 20th. So I feel that they are gonna make this happen. The firm founder, called ne Tuesday of last and sounded very sincere that there're gonna do the dang thang...lol.. if I don't see this happen by the 20th, I WILL move forward.


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