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Should I be worried, nn news from SSA
October 15, 2012 I received the form SSA-344-OCR-SM which is from SSA and the disability update report for the purpose of medical review to determine if a person is still disabled.

I completed the form and mailed it two days later. I have received no news on the review.

I am a worrier and this gives me something to worry about.

Anyone gone through the review and how long did it take?
Kathy no news is good news I got the same thing several years ago filled it out sent it in never heard anything else.its been a couple of years...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I did research on the SSA Disability Review and according the the information I received once SSA receives the form they have 90 days to notify the individual of their status.

This would be a full review or the person continues to qualify as being disabled according to SSA Guidelines.

I mailed the form October 17, 2012. According to SSA's 90 policy I should hear something from SSA in the next two weeks.

I will update.
I still have hopes of returning to work one day. I will need two surgeries before this can happen, the hand and knee.

I have considered enrolling in an online class this month but the joints in the hand are so unstable I can only write a a word or two at a time.

But with help of the ticket to work program I may be able to return to work and school in the future.

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