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settled and i/c stopped medical, lawyer ran
hi, I am from Lombard Illinois and I settled my w/c case in 09. a year and a half ago my I/c stopped my medical from an I.M.E. report. I contacted my lawyer and he stated he was finished with my case once I signed and he got paid. even though I was to have medical for life or medical set a side he will not help without pay. the I/c withheld 20 thousand from my settlement until I agreed to not give them a hard time about weather they would do medical set a side or pay my medical for the rest of my life. so I fought this on my own and I am now in front of the commissioner ( amazing) and the opposing attorney. now they say the settlement agreement paper is worded wrong and that is why they stopped my medical.. my lawyer messed the wording up but ALL parties signed it, even the commissioners office..i am lost here. the attorney says he cannot deal with me because my lawyer seems to still be assigned to my case even though he denies this. I will sue my lawyer but can the I/c really stop my medical because of a form everyone signed? and if it is voided shouldn't I get my weekly checks as if no contract was ever signed? help in the three disc fusion farm...
your case is in front of the commissioner. that's who's opinion and decision counts.
any response here would just be a guess.
you should file a complaint with the state bar before starting any legal action against your former atty.
the state bar may even be able to get you other representation.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Your new atty should have told you, all you have to do is ask the old atty to remove himself from representing you, very easy just a form filed w/ court. But before you do that I would ask more questions to your new atty like whether or not he can fix this? Or get back in touch w/ old atty and make him fix his mess, he represented you and messed up his paperwork make him fix it. ask the court for leave to have this amended, and find new counsel they should grant you that opportunity.

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